It is one thing to take a picture of yourself with a phone and not spread it anywhere without serious processing. Another is to make a full-fledged photo shoot when you do not need to hide the background and apply a hundred effects. The questions immediately arise: how to get up, where to put hands, what to do to look better. Here are some tips from a professional photographer on how to feel better during photo shoots and look natural and beautiful in a photo.

Here are 8 general tips from photographer Dina McCollum to help you look better in your photos and create your image

Professional makeup and hairstyle

Suppose you yourself do a good job with makeup, and your hairstyle is never careless. However, before the photo shoot, you still need to go to the stylist to look better in pictures, because the image in the photos will represent you more than one day.

look better in pictures

Dress beautifully but comfortably

If you have been choosing clothes for a long time, trying on different options, and finally finding the best one, that is, you have made efforts to look good in photo, you will feel more confident.

Stand at an angle to the camera

No girl wants to look bigger than she really is (except for the worst). If you are standing straight with your shoulders and hips parallel to the camera, you look more than you really are.

If bent, bend

A person standing in the photo with straight arms and legs looks ridiculous and unnatural. The smooth bend of the arm and a bit of free space between the arms and body look much better. This position emphasizes the waist, creating an “hourglass effect”.

Straighten your back

Even if you are slouching, you should make a little effort to look good in a picture and straighten your back. People with a straight back look confident and successful.


To smile naturally, you need to relax. However, even then you may not look very good, due to the features of a natural smile and laughter. When we truly laugh or smile, we often pull our chin to our neck, which creates ugly folds (double chin).

Hire a Professional Photographer

If you need not just a couple of new photos for an avatar, but a full-fledged presentation for business, it is better to spend several thousand on a professional photo shoot, because a photographer is not only a good camera, it is experience and knowledge in this area.

Be yourself

This is a great rule, and probably the most important thing. A frozen piece of reality in your photo is sure to show how tight you feel. Therefore, it is best to just relax and enjoy shooting.