Just a few years ago, only a few could boast of having professional photos – these were mainly models (active or beginner) and public people. Today, for a while, everyone can become a real star of the photo platform, while choosing famous fashion photographers will provide a considerable share of success.

How to choose a good photographer?

It doesn’t matter for what purpose you plan to hold a photo shoot – to fill your portfolio as a model, to update the page on social networks or just for a family photo album (as a saying, “as a keepsake”). In no case should you conclude an agreement with the first photographer you come across!

  1. Portfolio

good photographer

Portfolio is a visiting card of any photographer, here you will see the best works of the master. If in the process of studying photographs you have a feeling of lack of harmony in the pictures, you do not observe the unity of style, then it is better to look for another specialist.

The quality of the photos. All modeling photographers process their pictures. Someone makes only light and color correction, someone retouching. However, there are also such “masters” who are engaged in active photomontage, and not very skillfully (they try to correct the flaws of the outfit, hairstyle or make-up, remove or add the background, adjust the figure or oval of the face).

A variety of poses. If in a portfolio all models pose in the same manner, most likely such a concept as an individual approach is unfamiliar to the photographer. In this case, get ready to repeat the poses already seen in the portfolio and do not rely on the choice of angles that emphasize the advantages of your figure and hide its shortcomings.

The shoot place. Do you want a photo shoot in nature, against the backdrop of the setting sun, and the photographer’s portfolio only has studio photos? Well, then, probably, your relationship is unlikely to work out.

Style. Glamorous, reportage, retro photos collected in one portfolio should at least surprise you. After all, the example with the dentist and anesthetist is completely relevant for the style in which the master works – you cannot succeed equally well in completely different directions of photography.

  1. Experience

This criterion is not the main one when choosing a photographer; however, an experienced photographer even at the stage of photographing knows exactly what the result will be.

  1. Comfort of communication

If in communication with the photographer you feel some discomfort, then it will be difficult for you to work with him – you will not be able to relax, and it is unlikely that you will enjoy shooting, which cannot but affect the result of the photo shoot.

Cost of services

The high price is not an indicator of the photographer’s incredible skill. As, in fact, a completely budget price does not mean at all that the quality of images will be poor. You can check the prices from vogue fashion photography. Focus on the average price in your city – so you are definitely not mistaken.