Healthy hair starts at the scalp and you have roots in the soil. Your scalp is the soil for your hair. Without healthy soil is full of nutrients and oxygen, while free of pollutants and harmful bacteria, a garden will never look its best.

Grease your scalp with braids is a great protective hairstyle for afro and mixed heritage hair. Your strands from daily wear and tear, plus using heat tools are becoming near impossible.

Braided hairstyles are full of benefits, if you want to know more about it you can visit this site.

grease your scalp with braids

Moisture and Oils

Your scalp is containing oil glands and it is produced sebum and natural oil.  Sebum is essential for healthy, moisturized hair. Using oil for hair scalp is stripped from the scalp; your hair will be dry and less manageable.

Ph Balance

A healthy scalp pH ranges from 4 to 5. Scalp pH is needed for moisture retention in your hair. pH balance is optimal to prevent bacterial and fungus growth. Many products are having an extremely high pH and it disrupts the scalp balance. But, products with a very low pH can degrade your hair and skin.


Oil, hair products, dead skin cells, and dirt can easily build up and follicles on your scalp. This irritates the scalp, prevents hair growth, and creates a haven for fungus and bacteria to grow.

Fungus, bacteria, and other infections can cause dandruff, itchiness, irritation, and many other problems. So you can keep your scalp clean.

Scalp Care


Blood circulation is bringing oxygen and nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles, which is essential for growth.


If you damage the skin on your scalp, your hair will be having more difficulty growing. Different factors can cause direct damage to the scalp and it is including UV radiation, intense temperatures, and harsh chemicals.

Dandruff and Minor Infections

Dandruff is usually the result of a mild scalp infection. The buildup can trap bacteria and yeast and allow them to grow on the scalp.

These yeasts lead to excessive skin cell growth on the scalp. The overgrowth of skin cells build up and shed in the form of dandruff.

Product and oil buildup is commonly caused by infrequent shampooing, cleansing, or poor hygiene. Hormonal changes, stress, diet changes, or illness can also cause imbalances in these bacteria.