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… A & J in Love …

29 July 2014


Sunny lazy afternoons are the best. Time flies by yet everything slows down, its deliciously warm outside and meandering through the streets of City of London takes on a whole different feel. Take a gorgeous Texan babe and a handsome English gentleman, and photographing an engagement shoot doesn’t feel like work. Its just me and my new friends, hanging out, enjoying the sunshine and the sights. So many clients often thank me for making it a relaxed shoot where they feel like they can be themselves, but for this one especially, I want to thank A & J for making me feel so at ease. Lets hope we catch up over a ice-cold cocktail soon and reminisce about our shoot! x


Aneta Mak engagement shoot June 2014 1


Aneta Mak engagement june 2014 3


Aneta Mak engagement june 2014 2

Aneta Mak engagement june 2014 5




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A London Engagement Shoot

22 September 2013

A few months ago, I received a very excited email from a sweet couple in Indonesia, Yen and Alex. They had recently got engaged  and Yen was visiting London for her graduation ceremony – so they combined the two wonderful occasions by travelling through Europe and commemorating their trip with a fun pre-wedding shoot. I loved Yen’s enthusiasm – she designed all of her beautiful dresses, she had the most gorgeous Sophia Webster shoes, and she had hired the help of the wonderful Vony for hair & makeup (whose own post-wedding shoot will be appearing on the blog very soon!). Even though they had both spent time in London in the past, they wanted to experience London’s iconic landmarks, as well as incorporating some cute stop-overs like Peggy Porschen‘s adorable bakery in Chelsea.

To get the most out of their shoot I designed a very specific itinerary that matched Yen and Alex’s outfits to the right location and time of day. We split the shoot across 2 days, with the day session consisting of Abbey Road, Hyde Park, Peggy Porschen and Tower Bridge, and the evening itinerary consisting of Mayfair and Albert Bridge. For a grand total of 10 hours across 2 days,  we whizzed around London, visiting wonderful sights, eating the most delicious cakes and boating in Hyde Park. Thank you Yen and Alex for such a memorable couple of days together, big kisses (and a beautiful box full of lovely prints and other surprises) flying over to you all the way from London very soon!

Engagement sessions are a great way to celebrate your love for each other – they can be as relaxed or as creative as you would like them to be. I am always here to suggest that perfect location, or the perfect outfit, even if you are unsure of where we should go or what you should wear. If you would like your very own session, drop me an email for a full Portrait Brochure. xxx






















 All photographed on film / Fuji 400H / Kodak Portra 400


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Every so often, someone comes along and redefines how you see the world around you. It could be the smallest of things, or it could be something as big as a city. Like London. And that’s what happened when a couple of lovebirds flew all the way to London from Washington for their London-themed engagement shoot. To give their guests a clue about the location of their wedding next year, they decided to make their engagement portraits as British as you could get – Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, red phone booths, black cabs, London Eye, Westminster Bridge, the London Underground, Buckingham Palace – we photographed them all, on a glorious and sunny spring day! What was meant to be a two hour session turned into four, as we deliciously lost track of time, hopping from one place to another, on our very own urban adventure! And if their big beaming smiles were anything to go by, C + P loved every minute of it – and so did I! Thank you, C + P, for such a beautiful day! xxx  



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This little blog post is for my adorable pair of lovebirds that have come all the way from Indonesia to celebrate their recent engagement. This was Monica and Sam’s first trip to the UK, so they were very keen to experience London’s famous icons and landmarks. Nothing could stop these two having fun – not even the drizzly rain. We started the day with a stroll down the Embankment, a quick stop at the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, followed by a fun little rowing session in Hyde Park. Sam even indulged in his love for English football by wearing his team’s shirt and kicking a ball around, as the cute-as-a-button Monica adoringly watched on and giggled. The highlight of the afternoon was a much needed break at Laduree’s Covent Garden branch for a spot of hot tea and a delicious mix of jewel-coloured macaroons. 


… Photographed on film on Fuji 400H …


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… autumn love …

24 November 2012

The gorgeous and glowing Dominique and handsome Samuel, with Bump, in Richmond Park in autumn.

Photographed on my favourite films – Fuji 400h and Ilford 3200. Doesnt film make even the greyest of London days into something so delicate and special!


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… 1 + 1 makes 3 …

21 November 2012

A little teaser of a cute couple portrait session with a little baby bump in tow.

Full blog post coming in a few days 🙂



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One cool couple. Two pairs of brogues. Some homemade jam. And a whole lotta love. Oh man, I can not wait to share their beautiful rustic wedding with you so very very soon. In the meanwhile, take a peek at their awesome engagement shoot instead. 



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Leaving Russia seems such a long time ago now. Aside from my family, I dont really get the opportunity to speak to my fellow countryfolk. As I get older and my Russian rusty, I yearn for the things that remind me of “home” – the homely borscht, the delicious salad oliviye, the fluffy sugary layers of our “napoleon” cake and the decadence of blini with caviar. I miss the long train journeys where you would look for day after day at the never ending forests of beryozki – the quintessential Russian tree, the humble silverbirch, as we would travel far and wide and visit exotic places; I miss the pints of kvas , the non alcoholic beer-like drink that my parents would buy at the local markets; I miss the warmth of the Caspian Sea, the heat of the blistering sun, the stickiness of ripe figs growing on our trees, the fields of white cotton, the acres of pregnant apricot and mulberry trees lining my grandparents orchards in late summer. 

This post is for my lovely Muscovites O+S, who gave me the pleasure of an afternoon together talking, laughing, photographing and reminiscing of Mother Russia. Spasiba! xxx



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