Old Harry Rocks

3 January 2015

Say to most people that you are taking a few days off to explore England in December, and you will get a weird look. “She is so weird, why would she want to! It’s so cold and wet!” I’m convinced they whisper as they quietly step back from the crazy camera lady. True, it is cold and horrible, but you don’t need sunshine to see the beauty of some places, and you definitely don’t need warmth.

Having visited Studland Bay back in June to photograph a rather glamorous wedding, I’ve been meaning to come back and explore the area on my own time. When we finally arrived on our mini holiday in the first week of December, seeing the windswept coastline, all moody and dark, was definitely worth the wait. It was cold and it was wet, just like they said it would be, but it was breathtaking, mysterious, wild and just awesome. We also obviously picked the windiest day in history ever to embark on the famous walk to Old Harry Rocks – you could probably stand on the edge, lean out and not fall off (no, I didn’t do that, I’m not that brave, and no, I don’t recommend you should either!).

Of course, no trip-planning is ever complete without agonising which camera to bring and which film to pack. So after a few hours of driving my husband crazy with which “look” I should go for, and should I be shooting digital or film, I settled on his present to me from a few years ago, a very sturdy and beautiful Nikon FM2, and some BW film – because nothing forces you to connect with your subject matter more than having only one camera, one fixed focal length lens, and 1 type of film (ok, 2 – but the Fuji colour film was water-damaged and I brought it along hoping to create some weird psychedelic landscapes anyway).

So here it is, my favourite frames from this part of our Dorset adventure, hope you like it! Come back for more photographic tales of thousand year old castles, 100-acre stately homes, mythical stone doors and secret pirate lairs! (Oh, and for the sake of artistic integrity, I must confess that there is one shot that was not taken by me, but by my very patient other half, taking a rare photo of a very cold and grumpy little Russian).









2015-01-03_002 2015-01-03_012 2015-01-03_005

Photographed on film / Camera: Nikon FM2   




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  1. Wow! So much texture! These are beautiful.


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